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Video captions accuracy - disclaimer

We aim to provide machine-generated captions for pre-recorded videos and live videos stored for 14 days or more. We generate these using leading services, primarily:

  • ReCap (Panopto)
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

The captions will appear as text at the bottom of the video, which you can switch on and off.

The accuracy of machine-generated captions varies depending on the audio quality, topic and speaker. We recommend that you don't rely solely on the captions when viewing video content. Use them alongside other learning resources such as accompanying PowerPoint slides and wider readings to ensure you understand the topic and terminology used.

If you need accurate captions as part of your reasonable adjustments, please email us. If the video provided as part of your programme doesn't have the captions you need, please contact the content creator.