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Centre for Transformative Neuroscience


Centre for Transformative Neuroscience

A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

Understanding the brain in health and disease remains one of the great challenges of our time. We do world-leading transformative neuroscience. We aim to bring real benefit to patients and society.

Our ambition is to advance both fundamental and translational neuroscience. We are an interdisciplinary centre that tackles major neuroscientific questions.

Tackling major leading-edge questions

For many diseases and disorders of the brain – including Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, sensory, motor and communication impairments - wholly effective treatments still do not exist.

These challenges require the combined efforts of experts in:

  • fundamental and clinical neuroscience
  • engineering
  • computing
  • ethics and law
  • social sciences
  • speech and language therapy
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Our aims

The Newcastle Centre for Transformative Neuroscience aims to:

  • foster collaboration across the sciences and humanities to tackle leading-edge questions in neuroscience
  • invent tools to understand brain function and discover treatments for brain disorders
  • develop implants and wearable devices to overcome disease and improve quality of life
  • address societal and ethical issues raised by neuroscience
  • engage the insights that the arts and humanities bring to communicating neuroscience and improving mental wellbeing

International reputation for excellence

Newcastle has an international reputation for fundamental and translational research on the nervous system and its disorders. Our excellence has led to awards such as:

  • the EPSRC/Wellcome funded CANDO project to develop a brain implant to treat epilepsy (£10m)
  • the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research (£6m)
  • the Wellcome-Wolfson Centre for Translational Systems Neuroscience capital award (£4.8m)
  • a £1m donation from the Reece Foundation to the Centre for Translational Systems Neuroscience

Our Centre:

  • is open to all colleagues engaged in neuroscience-related research with a vision to tackle neuroscientific challenges
  • will build on existing and emerging links with external partners
  • encourages the formation of new teams to develop interdisciplinary research or teaching initiatives
  • embraces an ethos of multidisciplinarity and inclusivity, and targets all career stages
  • will provide a forum for interaction via incubator events and workshops
A neuroscience experiment.

Our research goals

Our goals include:

  • facilitating collaboration to bring about transformations in the diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • development of devices and methods that enhance quality of life
  • developing applications for large-scale strategic funding by harnessing diverse disciplines across our faculties
  • stimulating the multidisciplinary training and education essential for the next generation of neuroscientists

We aim to unify researchers across all three Newcastle University Faculties and partners beyond the university. We will have a focused approach on areas where Newcastle has unique strengths and potential. This will allow us to exploit the funding landscape and enable transformative research that establishes Newcastle’s leading position in neuroscience.

A presentation on neuroscience at Newcastle.

Steering group

The Centre steering group is drawn from across the three faculties.

Our role is to encourage new initiatives; explore wider funding opportunities, including philanthropy; and develop the Centre strategy.

Contact us

If you are based in Newcastle and would like to join this initiative – or indeed are interested in collaborating with us externally - please use the contact link below.