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Research and Innovation

We’re an international hub for research and industry engagement.

About our research

Newcastle University in Singapore is a regional hub for international research collaborations and industry partnerships.

Our campus is home to more than 20 academic experts working across:

  • energy technology, control and management systems
  • biomaterials, processes and medical applications
  • marine and offshore technology and engineering
  • mechanical systems, materials and machine learning

We work with other institutes in the region, as well as our UK colleagues at Newcastle University. Together, we bring international expertise to research and industry projects across Singapore and the region.

Academic expertise

Our staff have in-depth knowledge and experience of their subject areas. Many have worked in both industry and academia.

Our research is science-based in real-life applications. We pride ourselves on our ability as thought leaders in our chosen areas of interest.

Browse our academic staff in each subject area: 

Research themes

We have a broad range of engineering research expertise in the below themes.

Postgraduate research degrees

If you’re interested in our research, you can study an MPhil or PhD degree in the above research areas.

These degrees are available through our Newcastle Research & Innovation Institute (NewRIIS).

Research facilities

We have local research facilities available, to support researchers working across our schools.

Researchers based in Singapore also have access to our UK research facilities.