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Newcastle Research & Innovation Institute

Research, collaboration and innovation in Singapore.

About NewRIIS

The Newcastle Research & Innovation Institute (NewRIIS) is a research institute based in Singapore. We're part of Newcastle University in Singapore, and a subsidiary of Newcastle University.

We offer research-informed postgraduate degrees, developed, monitored, and awarded by Newcastle University.

We provide a unique blend of:

  • academic excellence
  • real-world relevance and research impact
  • a global reputation

Research and innovation is at the centre of what we do.


At NewRIIS, we build on Newcastle University’s well-established and excellent reputation in global research. We perform high-quality research across a wide range of disciplines and locations.

NewRIIS research focus areas include:

  • energy and sustainability
  • smart grids
  • process safety
  • marine technology
  • data visualisation

Contact NewRIIS

To discuss our research or potential collaborations, email