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Postgraduate Opportunities

Postgraduate courses

Newcastle Research & Innovation Institute (NewRIIS) delivers 2 postgraduate programmes developed, monitored and awarded solely by Newcastle University's main campus in UK.

NewRIIS is a fully owned subsidiary of Newcastle University.

NewRIIS Fees

Learn more about the fees assocated with the programmes: Fees and Funding.

Teaching Staff

For information on the teaching staff at NewRIIS, please refer to the Staff list page.

Average teacher-student ratio

At NewRIIS, each MPhil and PhD student is assigned at least main supervisor and a co-supervisor.

Graduate Outcomes

Following are the outcomes relating to the 2020/2021 & 2021/2022 graduating cohorts. We are now able to share this data with you:

2020 / 2021 graduating cohort:

PhD Awarded - 5 

MPhil Awarded - 3

MSc with Distinction - 12

MSc with Merit - 8

MSc - 4


2021 / 2022 graduating cohort:

PhD Awarded - 3 

MPhil Awarded - 2

MSc with Distinction - 13

MSc with Merit - 11

MSc - 2

Student Information

Policy & Process

External examiner policy

Our joint degree programmes are governed by the external examiner framework. This makes sure all examiners follow the University's rules and statutes. 

The goal is to help the Senate make sure our programmes are up to standard. 

For more information, please refer to the Policy and Procedures for External Examiners for Taught Programmes (University login required)