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International Symposium on Electromobility in the UK and Singapore

NewRIIS recently hosted an impactful International Symposium on Electromobility, bringing together experts, researchers, government agencies, and industry leaders from the UK and Singapore. The symposium focused on the transition to electromobility as a key strategy for achieving ambitious carbon reduction targets and moving towards a net-zero economy.

Throughout the event, we examined the social, policy, technical, and scientific aspects of electromobility, highlighting both successes and challenges faced by both countries. Our esteemed speakers, comprising renowned researchers and professionals, shared their valuable insights on topics such as social impact, transport policy, data and modeling, engineering, and battery technologies.

The symposium fostered a productive exchange of knowledge, best practices, and innovative approaches. It emphasized the importance of understanding user demand, behavior, and societal willingness to adopt electromobility, alongside the necessary advancements in infrastructure, technology, and business practices. The symposium showcased the progress made by UK universities in the past 12 years and the more recent focus on electrification in Singapore, highlighting the mutual benefits of collaboration and shared research to support a successful transition.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and partners for their valuable contributions. The symposium served as a platform to strengthen the global electromobility community and set an example for other nations. Let's continue working together to drive the electrification of land transport and pave the way for a sustainable future.




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