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Exam Dates and Timetable

View the dates of upcoming exam periods and find out how to view your exam timetable.

Students must be available for exams at all times during the exam periods. The University cannot accept individual requests from students with regard to the timing of their exams.

  • all morning exams start at 09:30
  • all afternoon exams start at 14:00 (unless otherwise stated)

Please note that some programmes have different assessment schedules to those indicated below. This includes, but is not limited to, those in the School of Medicine and School of Dental Sciences

Please check your programme handbook and/or contact your School Office.

Exams 2023/24

SemesterDates of exams
Semester One Monday 8 January 2024 to Friday 19 January 2024
(including Saturday 13 January)
Semester Two Monday 13 May 2024 to Friday 31 May 2024
(including Saturday 18 May and Saturday 25 May)
Resits Thursday 8 August 2024 to Friday 16 August 2024
(including Saturday 10 August)

Exam timetable

The timetable for the next academic year will be published as below:

SemesterProvisional Timetable PublishedFinal Timetable Published
Semester One     Week commencing 13 November 2023 Week commencing 20 November 2023
Semester Two Week commencing 4 March 2024 Week commencing 18 March 2024
Resits Week commencing 15 July 2024 Week commencing 22 July 2024


Scheduling process

For many programmes on offer at the University, students are provided with an extensive range of modules to choose from. This has several benefits and advantages, but also means that creating an exam timetable can be a very complex process.

Work on the timetable starts 3-4 months before the exam period and involves several different stages and checks. Specialist exam scheduling software is used to try and ensure the best possible timetable is created.

The main priorities are avoiding:

  • exam clashes (normally achieved for 100% of students)
  • students having two exams on the same day (for Semester One 2018/19, this was achieved for over 99.9% of students)
  • students having a PM exam followed by an AM exam the next day (for Semester One 2018/19, this was achieved for 99.9% of students)

We schedule between 650-900 exams for each main exam period for over 15,000 different students. Due to the complexities it is not possible to avoid students having exams scheduled on consecutive days.

Students are expected to be available:

  • for the entire duration of each exam period
  • any weekend exam dates

Requests for exams to be moved due to individual availability will not be considered. If you are going to miss an exam due to circumstances out of your control, you will need to submit a PEC form to your academic school.

Help on preparing for exams is available on the Exam Rules and Guidance webpage.