Room Allocation

Room Allocation

We're committed to creating balanced communities which reflect the overall profile of the student body. Our room allocation process helps us to do this.

How it works

We randomise our selections within fixed criteria, ie student preference, gender and nationality. Students with medical/disability requirements or other special requirements will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Download our Allocation Policy (PDF: 151KB).

Order of Allocation

We split applications into groups and process them in a particular order.

  1. Guaranteed students are processed first, between July and end of August.
  2. Non-Guaranteed students are processed next.
  3. Local students who don't have Newcastle as a firm choice are processed last, after 1 September.

Allocation number

We'll assign you an allocation number when we're processing your application. This number is unique to you and is not associated to the date when you applied for accommodation. 

The allocation of your room will be based on your stated preferences and the ascending order of your allocation number.

Local students who did not choose Newcastle as their firm choice will not be given an allocation number. Your application will be processed via a waiting list and your position on this waiting list is based on your commutable distance from the University campus and the date you applied.