What Happens Next?

What Happens Next?

What happens after you've completed your application depends on the status of your offer to study at the University.

We can't offer you a room until your academic status becomes Unconditional Firm, and we won't be able to begin to process applications until after the 30 June guarantee date, so you won't hear anything from us before this date - but don't worry, we will be in touch with you once we have processed your application. 

If you have not heard anything from us by 30 August, you should contact us.

Status of offer

Unconditional Firm offer

When you have an Unconditional Firm offer, we can offer you a room. We will begin making offers at the beginning of July 2018, and continue until all applications have been processed. 

Conditional Firm (Undergraduate students only)

In most cases, we'll offer you a room soon after A-level results have been announced. You'll receive an offer within two weeks of receiving your results.

Conditional Firm (Postgraduate students only)

We can only offer you accommodation once you've met all of the conditions of your academic offer and have paid the £500 accommodation application fee. We'll begin to process applications in early July and from this date we expect to be able to make you an offer within two weeks of you meeting your offer conditions.


We expect all students not covered by the New Students' Guarantee to be processed by 30 August 2018.

Waiting Local

If you live within reasonable commuting distance of the University and have not chosen Newcastle as your firm choice university, you are classed as a local student. You should apply for accommodation in the usual way and your details will be put on a waiting list.

If we are unable to offer you a room at the start of term, you'll be asked to remain at home until a room becomes available. Usually we're able to find you a room during the first term. Students living furthest away from the University will be offered a room before those living closer to the city centre.