Research Centre for Learning and Teaching


  • Improving Progress for Lower Achievers through Formative Assessment in Science and Mathematics Education (FaSMEd)
    Project Leader(s): Jill Clark
    Project Dates: Start date: January 2014 End date: December 2016
  • Evaluation of Thinking Differently – Young People and Alcohol
    Project Leader(s): Professor Liz Todd, Research Centre for Learning and Teaching, Newcastle University
    Project Dates: Start date: October 2013 End date: June 2016
  • Out of School Activities and the Education Gap
    Project Leader(s): Liz Todd
    Project Dates: Start date: August 2014 End date: June 2016
  • Classroom Space: Investigating and Cataloguing Primary School Classroom Space in North East England
    Project Leader(s): Pam Woolner
    Project Dates: Start date: April 2015 End date: February 2016
  • Learning for Change: Review of Rickleton Primary School’s Premises
    Project Leader(s): Pam Woolner
    Project Dates: Start date: February 2014 End date: July 2014
  • Supporting the Progression of Looked After Young People to University
    Project Leader(s): Laura Mazzoli Smith
    Project Dates: Start date: September 2013 End date: July 2014
  • Place to Grow
    Project Leader(s): Lucy Tiplady
    Project Dates: Start date: June 2013 End date: January 2014
  • Learning and Teaching Update Series
    Project Leader(s): Kate Wall and David Leat (Editors)
    Project Dates: Start Date: January 2007 End Date: August 2014