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Scanning Electron Micrograph of bee pupa

Electron Microscopy Research Services provide an electron microscopy service to students and researchers throughout the University. The facilities allow high resolution, high magnification imaging of a wide range of specimens from both biological and material sciences. We also provide a service to companies and individuals outside the University, not only in the North East but internationally.

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Electron Microscopy Facility Upgrade

As a result of a successful BBSRC bid EM Research Services are pleased to announce the purchase of a Zeiss Sigma Scanning Electron Microscope (FEGSEM) with Gatan 3view. The new FEG SEM has been installed and will allow researchers to create 3D reconstructions at the ultrastructural level.

block face sectioning 3d printed glomerulus


Ross proudly showing the 3D glomerulus he reconstructed from a kidney sample from the Gatan 3view . 3D Printed by Shapeways

Ross showing 3d printed glomerulus


Tescan Vega 3 SEM

The old SEM has also been replaced with a new user-friendly SEM for imaging routine samples. The new Tescan Vega 3LMU is a fully PC controlled SEM with tungsten heated cathode intended both for high vacuum and low vacuum operations. Outstanding optical properties, flicker-free digital image with super clarity, sophisticated user-friendly software for microscope control and image capturing. Automatic setup of the microscope and many other automated operations are among the characteristic features of the equipment.

The laboratory area has been refurbished and incorporates an office housing computers with the latest software, Amira , Image Pro Premier , Fiji, for image analysis and 3D-reconstruction.

EM Research Services are part of Newcastle University core scientific facilities within the Faculty of Medical Sciences. A full list of University Research Facilities available for commercial use can be found on the Services for Business web pages.


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We are members of the Royal Microscopical Society. Follow us on Twitter @EMRSncl