Welcome to Electron Microscopy Research Services

bee pupa

Scanning Electron Micrograph of bee pupa

Electron Microscopy Research Services provide an electron microscopy service to students and researchers throughout the University. The facilities allow high resolution, high magnification imaging of a wide range of specimens from both biological and material sciences. We also provide a service to companies and individuals outside the University, not only in the North East but internationally.

Training courses in all areas of electron microscopy are available. Our training courses are aimed at absolute beginners but can be tailored to suit your needs if you have some experience.

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have, just contact us for further help.



We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded BBSRC funding for a new scanning electron microscope with an integrated serial block face imaging system. This new technology will allow the 3D reconstruction of cells and tissues at ultrastructural level.


EM Research Services are part of Newcastle Biomedicine core scientific facilities within the Faculty of Medical Sciences. A full list of University Research Facilities available for commercial use can be found on the Services for Business web pages.


pollen glom petal scent pod pollen

We are members of the Royal Microscopical Society.