Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Training & Support

Training and Support

We run training for new users, and have information to support you using the equipment and the facility.


You only need to bring a notepad. We don’t need any cells to train you on the instrument. The first induction addresses the basic use of the instrument and software, rather than establishing your specific experiment.

Please complete the following forms to register with the facility and request training.


Find support on using our instruments. If you're having problems, read our troubleshooting information. If you are still experiencing issues, contact us.

Health and Safety

It is essential that all users of the FCCF adhere to local and university-wide health and safety regulations. Staff will ask you to provide relevant risk assessment documentation when you register with us and ask you to read and complete a SOPRA.

Further information regarding health and safety can be found on our website

Download our health and safety documentation (PDF: 672 KB).