About the Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit

Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU) was established in 2003 and achieved full registration status as a UK CRC registered clinical trials unit in 2007 (registration number 22).  NCTU is also in receipt of NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC) CTU ‘pump priming’ funding.

Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU) provides support:

  • in the design and development of high-quality clinical trials and other high quality clinical studies of the efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency of therapeutic, complex and service level interventions;
  • in their subsequent conduct, management and monitoring;
  • in their analysis, interpretation and reporting. 

In respect of trial conduct and management, the focus of NCTU is on sponsor-level activities and overall project management. Conduct and management of site-level activities is the remit of other Newcastle Academic Health Partners.

Clinical Trials Support

NCTU is able and willing to provide support to a wide range of types of trial, including Phase III and IV pharmaceutical trials, device trials and surgical trials, as well as those of service organisation & delivery, and of complex interventions aimed at behaviour change amongst professionals, patients and members of the public.  We support both single- and multi-centre trials. We work with investigators from across the UK and internationally.

In collaboration with colleagues in the other Newcastle Academic Health Partners, we are also developing capacity and expertise in early phase trials (in particular Phase II).

In addition to clinical trials, NCTU supports studies employing a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods in preparation for the design and conduct of a future trial (including systematic reviews, feasibility and pilot studies,  and the development and validation of patient reported outcome measures), as well as methodological studies relating to trial design, conduct and data interpretation.

The National Institute for Health Research has produced an informative video highlighting the role that Clinical Trials Units (CTUs) play in developing an NIHR funding application, explaining both the role and benefits of working with CTUs.

Clinical Trials Staff

We have a core clinical trials staff of senior trial managers, trial managers and assistant trial managers, database managers/programmers and statisticians.  Through our close relationship with the Institute of Health and Society, we can also provide access to experts in health economics, qualitative methods and behavioural sciences.

NCTU staff will be happy to discuss with you (including providing an optional presentation to you and your colleagues)  how we can be of assistance to you. Contact us for further information. You can also download the NCTU brochure.