Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit


Our Services

We offer clinical trial design, methodological and practical advice for researchers.

The initial point of contact for investigators preparing applications for national peer reviewed funding should be the NIHR Research Design Service North East

Some members of our staff also act as advisors within the Research Design Service (RDS), and can provide expert advice on:

  • refinement of research questions
  • sources of funding
  • trial design
  • sampling strategies and sample size calculations
  • planning for successful trial conduct  

The remit of the RDS ends with the submission of an application for funding.

Where investigators require ongoing engagement with a clinical trials unit and wish to have triallists and/or statisticians as co-applicants on the grant, we encourage you to start a discussion with us early in the planning stage. 

Provision of input via the RDS at application development stage neither guarantees the ongoing engagement of the Unit, nor obliges investigators to use our services.

Decisions on ongoing engagement will be taken on an individual basis, and will include consideration of capacity, fit to organisational research objectives and priorities, and whether a specialist clinical trials unit may be more appropriate to the needs of the investigator and trial.

We offer a range of service levels: