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Alumni Obituaries

Here we commemorate and celebrate the lives of alumni and friends of the University who are no longer with us.

Below you’ll find the obituaries of those we’ve lost in the last twelve months. We update this list monthly. To submit an obituary for a graduate or former member of staff, please email


Course Title


Class of

Mr Alan Sigsworth Education MEd 1972
Mr Alan Wade Town and Country Planning Cert/Dip 1964/69
Mr Albert E Hughes      
Mr Alex B Manda   BSc 1976
Dr Alexander Osmond MBBS MBBS 1956
Mr Alistair F Bird Agriculture BSc 1975
Mr Andreas Polihronis English Language and Literature BA (Hons) 1973
Mr Andrew M O'Shaughnessy MBBS MBBS 1995
Dr Anne Guttridge MBBS MBBS 1959
Mr Anthony G Cross Politics and History BA (Hons) 1982
Dr Anthony J Mudd Agricultural Biochemistry PhD 1966
Mr Barry Hartop   BSc 1966
Mr Benjamin J Bolton Agricultural and Environmental Science BSc 1978
Mrs Brenda Main      
Mrs Brenda Wood Education Dip Ed/MEd 1977/85
Miss Catharine M Haines Zoology BSc 1960
Mr Charles J Knight Applied Science BSc 1966
Mrs Christine H Connearn Psychology BSc 1979
Dr Christine Moxon MBBS MBBS 1971
Ms Christine Thompson Education MEd 1985
Emeritus Professor Claire Lamont      
Mr Cliff Martindale   BSc 1959
Dr Colin Davidson BDS BDS 1955
Colin G Atkinson      
Mr David Christison Education MEd 1972
Dr David J Cawthorne MBBS MBBS 1947
Mr David J Glazebrook Architecture BA (Hons) 1979
Mr David P Routhwaite   BSc 1975
The Revd David R Boulton Education BEd 1976
Dr David W Allan BDS BDS 1974
Mr David Watkins Architecture Dip 1959
Mr David Wyeth Computer Science PhD 1975
Dr Deborah J Hopkin Physiology/MBBS BSc/MBBS 1972/75
Dr Donald Smith MBBS MBBS 1948
Ms Dorothy Thompson   Cert 1968
Mr Edward D Cooper   MSc 1969
Ms Eileen McArdle      
Mrs Elaine P Rigg Geography & Botany   1975
Mrs Elizabeth Daniels MBBS MBBS 1949
Mrs Elizabeth M Bavidge OBE JP Arts BA (Hons) 1967
Mrs Emma E Haigh      
Dr Enoch M Oakes Pure Science PhD 1965
Mr Eric Bell      
Professor Sir Eric J Thomas MBBS/MD MBBS/MD 1976/87
Mr Eric Robson English Language and Literature BA (Hons) 1951
Mr Francis Hooper Agriculture BSc 1965
Mr Frederick Lilley      
Dr Geoffrey Chaytor MBBS MBBS 1944
Mr Geoffrey Lawson Further Professional Studies in Education Cert 1997
Mrs Gillian L Anderson BDS BDS 1971
Mr Harold P Maughan Marine Engineering BSc 1985
Mr Harry Belafonte   Hon DCL 1998
Emeritus Professor Harry Marsh Chemistry BSc/DSc 1945/73
Mr Henry P Earp Architecture    
Mr Ian Cooper Applied Science MSc 1971
Mr Ian Croft      
Dr Ian Dugdale Chemistry BSc/PhD 1956/60
Mr Ian E Macbeth Sociology and Social Administration BA (Hons) 1978
Miss Jacqueline Dawson Graduate Certificate in Education Cert 1992
Dr James G Kelly Electrical and Electronic Engineering BSc 1982
Mr James Ryan History MA 1956
Dr James T Bowman CBE   DMus 1996
Mrs Jean Denney Geography and Botany BSc 1949
Mr Jeffrey T Mander Fine Art BA (Hons) 1987
Dr Joan Clemo MBBS MBBS 1975
Dr John Blakey MBBS MBBS 1973
Dr John Carpenter      
Mr John Cullen LLB LLB 1964
Dr John D Hodgson MBBS MBBS/DA RCS 1955/58
Mr John E Wake MBA MBA 1990
Dr John G Elliott BDS BDS 1950
Dr John H Humphries Applied Science MSc/PhD 1971
Mr John Little      
Dr John Makepeace MBBS MBBS 1949
Dr John Muncaster MBBS MBBS 1960
Dr John R Porteous MBE BDS/MDS BDS/MDS 1955/65
Dr John Richardson MBBS MBBS 1963
Ms Joyce M Wealleans French BA (Hons) 1969
Mrs Judith Cowen Further Professional Studies in Education    
Miss Julie Henkel Mathematics BSc 1987
Dr June M Walker MBBS MBBS 1950
Dr Kathleen Clarke MBBS MBBS 1962
Mr Keith Hardy Fine Art BA (Hons) 1974
Mr Kevin R McAleavy Art BA (Hons) 1965
Mr Kofi Offe-Amoyaw Philosophy MPhil 1978
Miss Leah M Smith Foundations in Clinical Psychology  MSc 2022
Mr Leon M Blythe Biology/Clinical Psychology BSc/MSc 2019/22
Dr Lesley Lord MBBS MBBS 1967
Miss Linda D Henderson Further Professional Studies in Education    
Dr Lindsay Molyneux Electrical Engineering BSc 1949
Mrs Lourdes Elona-Lilley Marine Technology MSc  
Mrs Lynn Stephenson Diploma in Applied Social Studies Dip 1970
Sir M Scott Architecture BA (Hons) 1949
Mr Mahendrakumar Patel Conscious Sedation in Dentistry PGCert  
Mrs Margaret Nicholson Further Professional Studies in Education Cert 1997
Mrs Margaret Underhill General Studies / Education BA Hons/DipEd 1961/62
Mrs Margaret Wilding      
Ms Marilyn J Sayers Botany and Geography BSc 1972
Mr Martin E Griffiths Zoology BSc 1975
Dr Mary Danskin MBBS MBBS 1953
Mr Maurice Coles Modern History BA (Hons) 1967
Mr Michael Elund Clean Technology/Occupational Hygiene MSc 1994/96
Mr Michael G Tibbetts Civil Engineering BSc 1965
Emeritus Professor Michael Goodfellow MBE      
Mr Michael Lamb Town and Country Planning/Landscape Design BA (Hons)/Dip 1956/57
Dr Michael Pope Philosophy PhD 1972
Mr Michael Scott Further Education BA (Hons) 1999
Mr Mick Bond      
Mr Neil C Bragg   MSc 1979
Dr Nigel H Hall Agriculture BSc / PhD 1964 / 1977
Miss Norma P Tonge Social Policy BA (Hons) 1992
Emeritus Professor Patsy Healey OBE   Hon DCL 2015
Mr Paul L Todd Geology and Geography BSc 1975
Mr Paul Paxton Combined Studies BA (Hons) 1978
Dr Pauline Caller MBBS MBBS 1964
Mr Peter Atkinson Naval Architecture BSc 1960
Professor Peter Britton Psychology PhD 1967
Mr Philip Cooke Electrical Engineering BSc 1957
Mr Philip M Lobb Economics and Accounting BA (Hons) 1980
Professor Philip O'Keefe Geography BA (Hons) 1971
Mr Raymond Shenton Architecture BA (Hons) 1961
Mr Richard Bavister Mechanical Engineering BSc 1969
Miss Rita E Clarke Education BEd 1980
Dr Robert J Butterfield Pure Science / Science BSc / PhD 1965 / 1982
Sir Robert Malpas CBE Mechanical Engineering BSc  1947
His Honour Judge Roger E Thorn KC LLB LLB 1970
Dr Roger M Edwards BDS BDS 1972
Dr Ronald Bell   BSc/PhD 1942/48
Mr Roy Dilkes Electrical Engineering BSc 1961
Mr RR Dukes      
Professor Saleemul Huq      
Mr Sjg Brown      
Mr Stephen Raine Agriculture/Town Planning BSc/BA (Hons) 1982/97
Mrs Susan Pell Certificate in Counselling    
Mrs Sylvia Buglass Educational Studies BPhil 1985
Dr Thomas Manners MBBS/MD MBBS/MD 1944/57
Mr Tor Moinichen Naval Architecture BSc 1974
Mrs Valerie Hunter      
Ms Valerie K Winkle Applied Social Studies Dip 1971
Dr Walter Rand MBBS MBBS 1954
Dr Wendy Dirks      
Mr William Cant Electrical Engineering BSc 1944
Mr William Heath LLB LLB 1959
Emeritus Professor William McFarlane      

Your legacy

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to those alumni who have left a legacy gift to Newcastle University in their will. Your generosity will support and inspire future generations of Newcastle graduates. Thank you.