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Support the Future

From Newcastle. For the world.

We are living in a world of ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty and often feel that challenges far outweigh the solutions. As one of the UK’s great civic universities, we are crystal clear in our mission to be a force for good. Through education, through research and through the impact we make.

Our alumni and supporters play a huge role in ensuring our success. We are founded on a bedrock of philanthropy and donations continue to be a vital source of funding. We want our University to be as strong as possible for decades to come. To face the future with greater resilience, greater freedom to innovate and greater ability to help those most in need of support.

In 2021 we launched the Campaign for Newcastle University, with the aim of inspiring philanthropic support for all aspects of University life. We are incredibly grateful for the warmth of generosity already offered by our community. We believe that when we pool together our resources, our ideas and our shared humanity, we can achieve extraordinary results.