Bioimaging Unit

Guidelines for Acknowledgement

Guidelines for Acknowledgement

If you've used our Facility, please recognise this and acknowledge it in your work, presentation and publications. Although you pay to access our microscopes, the full economic cost of running the facility is not passed on, this includes equipment depreciation, staff salaries and equipment service costs. The acknowledgment policy outlined below and here has been recommended by the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) and we urge you to consider it when acknowledging work in the facility.

To maintain an up-to-date, cutting-edge and well-staffed imaging facility requires rolling investment. Over the last ten years this has come from the University as well as national funding bodies. To justify investment in us, we are assessed on the quantity and quality of publications that we facilitate as well as the number of usage hours and cost recovery. It is therefore important that you acknowledge us (as below) and inform us of your publications. This can be done through the dedicated publication tracker feature of Stratocore/ppms.

Please bear in mind that:

  • Core facilities staff are scientists. When they make an intellectual and/or experimental contribution to a publication they deserve to be recognised and acknowledged, just as any other co-author would be
  • The existence of core facilities depend in part on proper acknowledgment in publications. This is an important metric of value to most facilities, i.e. impact
  • Proper acknowledgment of facilities enables them to obtain financial/other support
  • It aids core facilities staff to advance their careers, adding to the overall sustainability of the facility and research environment
  • If core facilities staff have co-authorship where deserved, it will avoid the risk of
  • data misinterpretation, and help ensure the data are accurately conveyed and described