Bioimaging Unit


Bioimaging Unit

The Bio-imaging Unit provides an invaluable microscopy service for high resolution light microscopy and electrophysiology. 

Our technical services provide conventional imaging techniques, whole slide scanning, super-resolution confocal laser scanning microscopy as well as functional imaging. 

The core staff, services and facilities serve a wide user base from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the wider university, other universities, research institutes and industry - anyone with a need for high quality and high-resolution microscopy.

Available Services

We have a wide range of microscope systems that offer advanced imaging capabilities.

    • Conventional brightfield microscopy
    • Phase Contrast / DIC microscopy
    • Widefield Fluorescence microscopy
    • Confocal-microscopy including two-photon microscopy 
    • Super resolution microscopy (STED, iSIM, Airyscan)
    • Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
    • High-content widefield screening and Slidescanning

This allows us to cover a wide range of imaging techniques:

    • Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)
    • Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
    • time lapse (live-cell)
    • volume (z-stack) imaging

          FLAME (Functional and Light-Activatable Multi-dimensional Electrophysiology) Facility 

      • Multi-Electrode Array
      • Calcium Imaging
      • Optogenetics
      • Patch-clamp


The BioImaging Unit provides access, training and support for widefield, confocal and high-content live cell imaging.

We give support throughout your imaging project from experiment design through to image acquisition, processing and data analysis. We encourage new users to discuss their microscopy projects with us before initiating work. This allows us to advise on experiment design, sample preparation and to discuss the various imaging options. Once we have agreed on the best system/s to use we provide full and ongoing user training. This ensures that all our users can use the systems independently and to their full potential.

External Access

Altough primarily focused on supporting research at Newcastle University, we provide access to all our microscope systems and slidescanning service to users from any academic institution and industry. Please contact our Facility for further deatils if you are interested in accessing the Bioimaging unit. E-mail:


The bioimaging Unit is spread over five different sites throughout the Campus to provide support for all users. The Central Unit for Bio-Imaging is located in the Medical School.


To gain access to our booking system, you will need to register for an account. Once registered, you will only be able to view the online calendars of the systems that you have been trained on. The ppms user guide will take you through the registration process and the use of the booking system. Please contact us or complete the training request form within the system to discuss your training requirements.