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Dr Rolando Berlinguer Palmini

Experimental Scientific Officer


I received a PhD in Physiological and Nutritional Sciences (2004) and a degree in Biological Sciences mastered in Molecular Biology (1998) from the University of Florence, Italy.

I worked four years at the department of Pharmacology (University of Florence) studying stroke and serotonin related mood disorders as well as working as nutritionist in a medical centre.

In 2008 I moved to London as Research Associate in the Optoneuro Project, first at Imperial College, and then at Newcastle University. The aim of this multidisciplinary project was to develop an opto-electronic bionic eye for visually impaired retinitis pigmentosa patients. My role was to test the new opto-electronic devices in in-vitro biological models. 

In 2013 I became a member of the Trevelyan Lab focusing on Epilepsy research and I worked as research associate on the CANDO project, very closely related (technically wise), to the Optoneuro project.

Since November 2015 I'm Experimental Scientific Officer at the Bio Imaging Unit focusing my work on super-resolution microscopy and advanced image analysis methods.

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Most of my work is on a specific super-resolution microscopy technique called STED (Stimulated emission depletion) that allows up to 20nm resolution on the XY planes and 80nm resolution on the axial plane. This is roughly an order of magnitude more that standard confocal microscopy where anything smaller than or closer than 250nm cannot be resolved.

I am constantly trying new imaging protocols as well as doing comparison between different kinds of super-resolution microscopes currently in use at the Bio-Imaging facility such as the Zeiss Airyscan and the Visitech iSim.

In parallel with STED I am developing advanced image analsys methods and workflows to optimize data collection from images helping researchers to design imaging experiments from sample preparation to image collection and data analysis.


I was seminar leader module PED1003 (Pharmacology).

I regular train students and researchers on microscopy (theory, practice, hardware, software) and image analysis, as well as participating as speaker to microscopy workshops and seminars, nationally and internationally.