Research Centre for Learning and Teaching

Social Justice and Education

Social Justice and Education


Our research works to disrupt education inequities. We have developed conceptual frameworks to explore and explain inequities alongside models of practice which are co-produced and transformative, advancing knowledge in:

  • Fairness in education
  • Conceptual integration of sociocultural theory (SCT) with translanguaging-to-learn
  • Britishness as racist nativism
  • Education and the labour movement in Europe
  • Learner-centred pedagogies and alternative learning environments
  • Translanguaging as a political and emancipatory pedagogical practice
  • How schools and other organisations can work together to transform communities and address disadvantage
  • Out of school activities and character education
  • Young people as drivers and agents of change.

Our work includes


  • Participatory approaches including participatory action research (PAR), the use of visual methods, co-production and co-creation
  • Theory of change approaches to research, evaluation and project development.
  • Phenomenology and narrative research
  • Critical race theory (CRT) (and critical whiteness) as a conceptual and analytic framework for understanding the permanence of racism in education
  • Raceclass and critical realist methods of research
  • Comics as a research method

Staff involved in Social Justice and Education Research

Helen Burns 

Jill Clark - Co-production, Participatory research, Visual methods, Community-based education, Policing and prison-based research

Gail Edwards - Critical realism, Marxism, Philosophies of science, Education and the labour movement, Vygotsky and pedagogic theory

Eric FletcherOutdoor learning; Boundary crossing; Personal and Social Development (incl. well-being and character); Participatory approaches

Hanneke Jones

Karen Laing

Maria Mroz

Sam Shields

Heather Smith - Critical race theory, critical whiteness, translanguaging, Roma education, sociocultural theory

Liz Todd

Lydia Wysocki

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