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Call out to researchers

8 February 2023

The Great North Museum: Hancock is looking forward to a year of Myths and Monsters themed exhibitions and events in 2023 and would like to invite Newcastle University researchers to contribute to our public programme.

Have you got an idea for an engaging event? Do you have research which you would like to share with a public audience?

The Great North Museum's Myth Quest exhibition, an interactive museum-wide experience, will run from 24 March 2023 until 3 September 2023. It will be an original fantasy adventure - part story, part game. The visitor will take on the role of an adventurer, navigating the physical spaces and places of the museum and exploring myths and monsters on the way to achieve the reward at the end of the quest.

Supporting the exhibition programme throughout the year, there will be a range of holiday family events and six Great North Night evening events showcasing University research alongside music, performance and much more.

The Great North Museum are inviting researchers from across Newcastle University to share research related to our main theme and the following sub-themes:

  1. Heroes, villains and overcoming the monster
  2. Wilderness, the wild unknown and beastly landscapes
  3. War and peace, love and betrayal
  4. Change and revolution
  5. Death, rebirth and the end of all things
  6. Magic and folklore
  7. The quest: voyage and return

Creative responses to this theme are welcomed from all disciplines, and the museum is especially interested in hearing from postgraduate researchers. If you think you have a great idea but are unsure how it would fit with our theme, the team would be happy to discuss it with you.

Please complete the expression of interest form.docx if you would like your idea to be considered for the programme.

Please return the form to or get in touch if you have any questions.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences