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Institute for Social Science

Supporting social science research.


A hub for leading social science research. We build interdisciplinary research communities across diverse groups of: staff and student researchers, academic and non-academic partners. At the Institute, we are committed to raising the profile of social science research.


To encourage new ideas, practice & partnerships as well as sustaining existing ones. Empower diverse communities to collaboratively respond to pressing social justice issues.


Connect academics at all stages of career and across disciplines to develop meaningful dialogue and relationships. Facilitate opportunities for academics to build and sustain relationships with non-academic partners across local-global scales. Co-develop working practice and resources to promote inclusive research cultures directed towards social justice.

Meet the Team >

Professor Liz Todd is the Director of the Institute for Social Science. Liz is supported by Dr Jen Bagelman, Deputy Director. The Institute is supported by Alex Robson, Institutes Officer, and Clare Vint, Operations assistant.

From left to right: Clare, Alex, Jen, and Liz

View our Research >

We support interdisciplinary research. Learn about our strategic pillars, opportunities for student led research, our methods hub, and research culture.

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On Funding and Culture >

We support diverse interdisciplinary work from start-up to blue-sky. Learn about the variety of routes we support interdisciplinary research including pioneer awards, student internships, and challenge labs.

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Our Partnerships >

We establish partnerships within and beyond the academy in order to promote diverse research communities.

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