Humanities Research Institute

Humanities Research Institute

What we do

The Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute (NUHRI) was founded to catalyse, coordinate and support research in the humanities at Newcastle, and to promote the humanities both within and beyond the University.

NUHRI supports strategic themes, hosts workshops, symposia and other events for academics, research partners and the general public, and provides seed-corn funding for selected projects.

In particular, NUHRI champions interdisciplinary research and encourages our researchers to reach out beyond their home discipline and collaborate with like-minded scholars who share their passion for a topic or who want to address a challenge. We believe research is enriched when scholars from different disciplines and sectors share their skills and knowledge to produce research of the highest quality.

NUHRI supports and promotes the Vision and Values of our researchers in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science.

NUHRI supports ATNU (Animating Text Newcastle University) and The Oral History Unit and Collective, pioneering, interdisciplinary collaborations led by Humanities.