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Spaces of Making project

Spaces of Making project

14 June 2021

Spaces of Making project

A project led by colleagues in Fine Art is looking to engage with people across the University who rely on the act of physical making - and a space to do so - in order to develop their knowledge and working practices.

As we tentatively emerge from depths of lockdown, people are starting to return to their places of work. Although many have continued to work on-campus throughout the pandemic, providing valuable and much appreciated services, others have had to adapt to homeworking or entirely suspend their working practices.

Spaces of Making is a small project being steered by Bridget Kennedy, a MATCH co convener from Fine Art, ably assisted by MA film theory and practice student Elizabeth (Mattie) Matters. Through Spaces of Making they want to explore how this absence from, or restricted access to, the physical workspace has changed attitudes towards these spaces and the equipment and materials housed within them. Does one return to the space with a sense of nostalgic joy or is this a moment of re-assessment and potential change? What does it mean to touch and manipulate materials during a period in which we are adjusting to new ways of physical human interaction?

Spaces of Making will culminate in an asynchronous online event sharing the thoughts, feelings and insights of project participants through short video clips that will be circulated within a group of project participants and event subscribers.

Coming out of the MATCH (Materiality, Artefacts & Technologies in Culture and History) research group this project is grounded in material culture and materialised space, but is by no means restricted to those within HaSS (Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences). We hope to engage with people throughout the university. We will be contacting lab and workshop technicians, academics and students, who rely on the act of physical making as a means of developing their knowledge and continue their working practices.

If this is something that you are interested in please get in touch with Bridget Kennedy and look out for emails from Bridget and/or Mattie. 

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