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Temperature Life Stories

Experiencing a changing climate through stories, poetry and data

9 August 2022

Temperature Life Stories is an outcome of an interdisciplinary co-created research project run by a research team with diverse talents, expertise and experience.

This team – from Brigstow Institute, University of Bristol, Newcastle University, Durham University, Bristol Museums, Windmill Hill City Farm  – facilitated workshops with the participants who contributed to this exhibition, developed toolkits to capture temperature life stories, and much more!

By adopting a ‘practice-as-research’ model of arts-related research, Temperature Life Stories explore these questions with two underlying aims: To facilitate personal exploration of human experiences of climate change with the non-human (weather, climate, heatwaves and ecological surroundings), building connection and understanding of each other’s environmental lives; To inform climate impacts science of the breadth, movement, and idiosyncrasies of human experience of temperature the project was demonstrated at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021 (where the research was shown).

Temperature Life Stories online exhibition is now available here

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