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Exam Invigilator Jobs

Learn more about how to apply to work as an exam invigilator at Newcastle University.

Exams at Newcastle University

Each year, the Exams and Awards team schedules and manages over 2,500 different exams equating to over 100,000 individual exam sittings. On a typical day during the main exam periods, exams are run simultaneously across more than 40 different exam venues. These range from small venues for individual candidates to venues accommodating up to 350 candidates. The exam venues are mostly based on campus.

Types of exam

Exams are a mixture of:

  • written exams
  • digital exams (i.e. those taken using either a PC or the students’ own devices)

Invigilators are expected to invigilate both types of exam. In addition, some duties involve invigilating the exam venues used to accommodate students who have been granted alternative exam arrangements. This includes extra time, rest breaks, the use of a PC/assistive software or to sit in a smaller/individual venue.

How to apply

1. Please read through the job description below to check that you have the skills and attributes required. Further useful information about the role is also available below.

2. The invigilator application form is now closed and will open again in September 2024.

If you have any queries, please contact the Exams Office.