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Disciplinary Procedure

Disciplinary Procedure

The University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and visitors to the University.

Student Disciplinary

When registering as a Newcastle University student you agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set out in the Student Charter.

The Student Disciplinary Policy and Student Disciplinary Procedure for RESPONDER ensure that reports of any breach of the University rules and regulations (misconduct) are dealt with fairly and promptly.  If, after investigation, it is determined that misconduct has taken place, appropriate disciplinary sanctions, as set out in the Student Disciplinary Procedure, will be issued and may involve the imposition of Exemplar Fines and Charges

Procedures include:

Reporting Misconduct

If you believe a student has breached University rules and want to report their actions to the University for investigation, you should email with a full explanation of the nature of your concern and if possible supply supporting evidence.  As a witness, you may be invited to attend a meeting as part of the investigation. 

Police Reports

The University receives reports from the Police, especially where there maybe be safeguarding issues for students or staff. When we receive a police report, an investigation will take place and appropriate action taken in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Procedure for RESPONDER‌.


Whether you report misconduct (reporter), or are the subject of a report of misconduct (responder), you are able to get support, advice and guidance from the Student Advice Centre and the Student Health and Wellbeing Service, as well as your Personal Tutor.