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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

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We need accurate information about static and dynamic in-service loads. This information allows us to design and optimise new mechanical systems and solve problems in existing systems. Dynamic in-service loads can be very different from predicted loads.

Design Unit has access to a range of instrumentation, including data-loggers and telemetry systems. This allows us to measure load, torque, strain, temperature and acceleration on rotating machinery. We have successfully applied these to:

  • general machinery
  • specialised load cells and dynamometers
  • test rigs
  • wind turbines
  • marine propulsion systems, including Royal Navy submarine and surface ship gearboxes

Of course, it’s not just about acquiring data. Design Unit has expertise in the analysis and interpretation of in-service load and other measurement data. We use these insights to feed back into our design and development processes.

Failure Analysis: Instron Resonance Fatigue Machine