blisk10 reasons to get gears measured at the Design Unit:

  1. To compare the capability of different suppliers
  2. Identify why gears have failed - 90% of premature failures have excessive geometry errors
  3. Identify the causes of manufacturing errors - we tell you what the results mean and how to correct them
  4. Minimise noise from a gear set - poor specification or manufacture causes noise
  5. Increase potential power density - accurate gears transmit more power
  6. Prove your gears were supplied to specification
  7. Reduce premature failure risks
  8. Benchmark your suppliers manufacturing capability
  9. Minimise product through life cost
  10. Increase your competitiveness

ring gearThe UK National Gear Metrology Laboratory (NGML), was established in Newcastle in 1987, and is recognised as a world leading measurement facility and centre of expertise in gear metrology.

Maintenance and development of the gear measurement and calibration capability of the NGML is funded by the National Measurement and Regulation Office.

It is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for the measurement and calibration of gears, gear artefacts and gear measuring instruments, and is traceable to primary calibration facilities at the NPL, UK and PTB in Germany. The NGML maintain and develop the UK reference calibration artefacts to establish and disseminate traceability throughout the UK.

The measurement facilities and staff are focussed on supporting the needs of gear manufacturers and gear users through the following services:

  • Independent gear measurement service to verify the quality of product gears.
  • Gear artefact calibration offering one of the lowest measurement uncertainties worldwide.
  • On-site gear measuring instrument calibration service.
  • Reverse engineering capability.
  • Training and education with short courses, seminars and bespoke training courses with close collaboration with the British Gear Association (BGA).
  • Consultancy.
  • Measurement research and support for gear research in the UK and Europe.
  • ISO standard development.

bevel gearThe laboratory is very well equipped to measure gears and general prismatic parts - including a specially commissioned Klingelnberg P65 Gear Measuring Centre - used for sub-micron calibration and measurement work.