Gear Technology Design Unit

Gear Stress, Analysis, Design & Specification

Gear Stress Analysis, Design and Specification

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We apply a holistic approach to gear design, analysis and specification. We use the latest ISO standards and Tooth Contact Analysis methods to gear and gearboxes for:

  • cars, off-road vehicles, buses, HGVs, quarry equipment, tractors, earth moving equipment and defence applications
  • wind turbine and power generation applications
  • engine timing gears, power take-off (PTO), ancillary and pump drives
  • industrial drives, including mining, quarrying, steel plant, ball mills, cement plants, chemical plant, agitators and pump applications
  • marine propulsion and PTOs
  • rail traction drives
  • control and servo drives including automotive, machine tools, printing machinery and material handling applications
Design Unit: Gear Stress Analysis, Design and Specification