Gear Technology Design Unit

Staff Profile

Dr Robert Frazer

Senior Engineer


My role involves:

  • leading the UK's National Gear Metrology Lab (NGML)- a UKAS accredited, Designated Institute for gear measurement and calibration.  NGML is part of the UK's National Measurement System, supported by BEIS.
  • leading gear measurement, design and specification work as part of the Design Unit team.
  • developing and maintaining ISO and BSI standards.  I chair MCE/5 BSI's committee that looks after over 100 standards relating to gears and shafts and work ISO TC60 WG2- gear accuracy and WG7 worm gears.
  • supporting the British Gear Association (BGA) Technical Committee
  • delivering BGA and Design Unit training courses and bespoke courses on gear technology.


Transmission technology and gear measurement research.


MEC 8029 Design of Mechanical Power Transmissions- MEng and MSc course