Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Impact

Research Impact

Research which makes a difference in the real world.

Our research in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS) is as exciting as it is wide-ranging. With a broad interdisciplinary ethos it spans nine Schools, three Institutes, a number of research groups and centres nine, together with a Culture Lab. Whether building houses with ‘smart’ bricks which can recycle wastewater and generate their own electricity, to protecting cultural property and heritage in international zones of armed conflict, much of the research in HaSS makes an impact beyond the academic sphere. 

Engaging with partners

Newcastle’s recently launched engagement and place strategy builds on the University’s strong legacy of social justice and civic engagement, which has become embedded in our research and teaching ethos. In HaSS we embrace working with local, national and international partners in creative and innovative ways, producing research with cultural, societal and economic impact working with a diverse group of beneficiaries for public good, including:

  • Business and industry
  • Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise organisations
  • Policymakers and practitioners
  • Cultural and heritage organisations
  • Educators
  • The legal profession and judiciary
  • Civil society and the general public

Find out more about the breadth of HaSS research and the partners involved:


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Newcastle University is the recipient of an ESRC Impact Accelerator Account (IAA) until 2023, a fund which enables various impact activities in the social sciences. Further details can be found on the IAA pages, including examples of previous work via the IAA. In addition to the IAA, we also have Faculty Impact Funds; an internal provision for staff to conduct impact projects with partners. More details of these funds can be found for Newcastle staff on the internal pages.