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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Excellence in research and teaching, in the creative arts, humanities and social sciences.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has a global reputation as a centre for research, education and engagement across the creative arts, humanities, and social sciences.

We are home to an exceptionally broad range of disciplines. These sit across our 10 academic schools, research institutes and centres. Through our thinking, making, research and education practice, we seek to address social and global challenges.

As a values-based community of colleagues and students, we promote a supportive and inclusive culture. This is based on shared values of trust, integrity, diversity, academic freedom and social and environmental justice.

Latest news

Spanish and Peruvian art celebrated at Newcastle University

Two art exhibitions and a talk by a celebrated novelist are set to take place at Newcastle University.

Coronavirus crisis seen in new interactive art exhibition

The extraordinary moments of the coronavirus pandemic experienced by millions across the country are reflected in a new interactive online exhibition.

Ancient footprints record demise of a biodiversity hotspot

Archaeologists have discovered that hundreds of ancient animal and human footprints found on a beach in Merseyside record a major decline in large animal diversity in Ancient Britain.