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A Global Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

We are working together and learning in a global environment.  

Our global community  

In the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, we are an international community, made up of staff and students from a wide range of countries around the world. We value inclusive, inter- and cross-cultural outlooks. We foster collective citizenship based on global awareness and egalitarian respect for difference.

This approach is essential to building and growing global connections with partners and individuals, and making a positive difference through our: 

  • education offer
  • impact and research
  • advancement of knowledge
an image of Earth from space

Learning in a global environment  

Our scholarship – in teaching, learning, research, and engagement – has global reach and focus. We champion the value of humanities and social sciences for a richer understanding of the world. Our work contributes to the positive transformation of life and responds to global challenges.  

As an academic community, we want to reflect on our place and role in the world, and what we can do with our scholarship in pursuit of fair futures.  

We commit to tackling inequalities. We want to play our part in achieving deep structural change to education. Our community, from teaching staff and researchers to students, and professional services colleagues, are motivated to make positive changes. We are actively decolonising and diversifying our curriculum. We view our disciplines as globally engaged.

Global partnerships  

We work with global partners to contribute to the positive transformation of life. Through this shared approach, we can enrich our understanding and extend our horizons.

British School at Rome – a global cultural partner

In March 2022, The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences signed a partnership agreement with the British School at Rome. This formalised the longstanding relationship between the two organisations.  

Fellowship schemes for research, career development and networking will be available to staff and students at both institutions. These schemes are also open to independent scholars and heritage, museum, library and archive professionals.

New collaborative projects are also on the horizon. Opportunities will leverage the research strengths of both partners and their mutual networks. This includes other British International Research Institutes organisations, such as: 

We have extensive collaborations with both organisations.  

Find out more about our global faculty 

If you would like to know more about how the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences works globally, or are interested in working with us, please use the contacts below.