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Cardiovascular Research


Cardiovascular magnetic resonance, over the last decade or so, has assumed a key role in the diagnosis, monitoring and prognostic evaluation of heart disease.

The wealth of possible new information is tempered by the challenges posed by cardiac and respiratory motion and practical and timely data acquisition.

The Centre’s remit to develop new magnetic resonance techniques in collaboration with clinical researchers and commercial partners has led to the development of specialist expertise in the measurement of myocardial energetics with 31-phosphate magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Functional assessment with cardiac tagging techniques and more recently four dimensional flow imaging have also created an exciting opportunity to gain novel insights into cardiovascular pathophysiology.

We develop and apply optimisation of the full spectrum of the cardiac imaging methodologies, including cine imaging, cardiac tagging, 4D flow imaging and Cardiac MR spectroscopy.  Clinical application include:

  • Healthy ageing and hypertension
  • Cryptogenic stroke
  • Diabetes

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Cardiovascular projects



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