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Neuroscience Research


Functional Neuroimaging is a priority area for neuroscience and translational areas of research.

The Institute of Neuroscience is committed to developing a UK-unique and nationally accessible range of facilities for multi-species neuroimaging.

A 4.7 Tesla Functional Magnetic Resonance Imager (FMRI) for non-invasive animal studies (funded by the JIF award to the Neuroecology group in 2002) is situated in the Henry Wellcome Building.

Several neuroscientists in the Institute are active experts in fMRI, with a particular focus on auditory processing. Several groupings within the Institute currently employ magnetoencephalography (MEG) in collaboration with European centres and positron emission tomography is planned. Experimental optical recording and calcium imaging is also employed.

Details and publications of individual researchers are available on the Institute of Neuroscience website.

Neuroscience projects



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