Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre


123I-MIBG Scintigraphy Utility as a biomarker for Prodromal DEmentia with Lewy Bodies (SUPErB)

Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) is the second commonest cause of neurodegenerative dementia affecting over130,000 people in the UK. If we are to manage the disease effectively and maximise the future use of disease-modifying treatments, we must establish accurate diagnoses at a much earlier stage in the disease process. Accurate diagnosis is difficult during the very early (prodromal or pre-dementia) phases of the disease and there are currently no validated, diagnostic criteria for prodromal DLB (pDLB).

The primary aim of this study is to examine the utility of the myocardial tracer (123IMIBG) uptake in cardiac MIBGimaging as a biomarker predictor of cognitive decline and conversion to dementia in people with MCI due to Lewy body disease (prodromal DLB, pDLB). We propose MIBG will be a better early biomarker of DLB than alternatives, the absence of hippocampal atrophy on MRI and reduced striatal uptake on FPCIT imaging.