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Dr Jehill Parikh

Research Associate


In my current role as Core Physicist at the Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre, I work internal and external collaborators to develop diverse range of MR imaging methodology with strong emphasis on clinical applications. Please see research and publication tabs for additional details 

Area of expertise and technical skills:  MRI Physics and data analysis, Deep learning, programming (Python, Tensorflow, C (plus, plus), Matlab)

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I support supervision of research projects for PhD, M-Res and BSc student and training of Clinical Fellows


My current research interests include


  • Development of novel multi-parametric protocols and advance modelling techniques for translational research

  • Development of techniques non-invasive measurement of inhibitory (GABA) and excitatory (Glutamate) neuro-trasmitters, including computational modelling.

  • Application: Parkinson Disorders, Dementia, Tinnitus, Understanding audio-visual interaction and pain,traumatic Brain injury, Cognitive decline in auto-immune disorders e.g.  AIDS, PBC

Body MRI

  • Development and optimisation of the full spectrum of the cardiac/body imaging methodologies include cine imaging, cardiac tagging, 4D flow imaging and Cardiac MR spectroscopy. Clinical application include

  • Healthy ageing and hypertension, crypotgenic stroke, diabetes, clinical trials (Thyrami and Bezafibrate), renal diseases 

Deep Learning/Machine Learning 

Development of advance deep learning method towards automated imaging and analysis workflows topics include

  • Advance Computer vision algorithms  
  • Generative models and self-supervised learning
  • Knowledge Graphs

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