Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre

Key Steps in Study Imitation

Key Steps in Study Imitation

The steps are similar for all CIVI facilities.

After making contact, we will ask you to complete Costing Request form in which you will need to outline the nature of the study as well as the facilities you need access to. Details of the stages and documents required are outlined in Step in launching a study pdf. The information you provide will allow the CIVI team to establish whether we have the capacity and capability to support your research. You may wish to speak to one of the physicists or clinicians when completing this form. Once capacity, capability and costings have been agreed, you can proceed with the grant application. If successful, we can support study set up, which includes registration at NMRC, research staff induction and safety training, finalising of MRI sequences and the logistics of scan booking, and clinical room use.

To reiterate, the steps are as follows.

  1. Contact our CIVI Admin staff with your study expression of interest and a Costings Request form will be provided to you.
  2. Discuss your project plans with Dr David Cousins or Prof. Pete Thelwall, if required, when preparing your costings request.
  3. If your study is accepted, study costs will be finalised and relevant information provided to you for your ethics application – it is our policy that scanner safety information provided by our MR physics team is incorporated into applications for ethical approval, and you may also need to include statements regarding incidental findings on MRI.
  4. Submit your grant application and ethics application and notify the Centre of the success of your funding and ethical approval status.