Newcastle University in Singapore

Staff Profile

Dr Pavan Kumar Naraharisetti

Director of Lifelong Learning & Professional Practice, Degree Programme Director (Industrial Automation & Machine Learning, PG) and Assistant Professor


I am an Assistant Professor at Newcastle University in Singapore. I hold additional responsibilities as:

1. Director of Lifelong Learning and Professional Practice - Leading the strategic and tactical plan on providing CET (continuous education and training) / CPD (continuous professional development) courses.   

Upcoming Continuous Professional Development Courses

2. Degree Programme Director (Industrial Automation & Machine Learning, PG) - Leading the design, development and delivery of the MSc in Industrial Automation & Machine Learning

The modules of the M.Sc. programme can be provided as short courses on demand. 




2005-19, Scientist (and other positions) at the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore.

2004-05, Research Assistant at the Singapore-MIT Alliance


2009-15, Ph. D (Chem. Eng), National University of Singapore, Singapore,  (via the Scientific Staff Development Award 2009-14, A*STAR, Singapore)

2001-03, M. Eng (Chem. Eng), National University of Singapore, Singapore.

1997-2001, B. Tech (Chem. Eng), Regional Engineering College, Warangal, India. It is currently called National Institute of Technology, Warangal (NITW).


Enquiries from potential Ph.D/M.Phil candidates (Singapore Residents only) are welcome.

Some possible topics include:

1. Capacity/Infrastructure planning for decarbonization in the transportation sector (land and marine).

2. Feasibility studies and techno-economics of decarbonization / CCUS. 

3. Machine Learning applications for Lab / Industrial Automation - Bringing the elements of Industry 4.0 to the chemistry laboratory; incl. but not limited to design of experiments, analysis of spectra, among others. 

4. (Conceptual) Design of Sustainable Industrial Cities incl. waste to valuable materials (upcycling)

5. Metrics for Circular Economy / Design of Sustainable Supply Chains. 

My Research Profile can be found at:

Google Scholar        ORCID 

I have experience in the following topics:

1. Data Analytics / Simulation / Automation using Python/Matlab and others

2. Process Design/Systems Analysis for Sustainable Development

3. Techno-Economic Evaluation/Process Economics & Optimization

4. Mathematical Modelling (Mixed-Integer Linear Programming, Mass/Energy Balance and Thermodynamic Models, Models for Cost Estimation)

5. Development of Genetic/Evolutionary/Hybrid Algorithms for Multi-Objective/Multi-Modal Optimization


Taught Modules (current):

CHE1011:      Engineering Mathematics I                                                                 as Module Lead

CHE1021:      Engineering Mathematics II                                                                as Module Lead

CHE2017:      Computing and Simulation                                                                 as Module Lead

CHE2032:      Chemical Process Optimization                                                          as Module Lead

NUS8108:      Process Control                                                                                    as Module Lead

NUS8302:     Electro-Mechanical Systems and Systems Safety

NUS8304:     Programming for Automation                                                             as Module Lead

NUS8305:      Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning


In addition, I am also leading the development and delivery of a Continuous Professional Development course on “Introduction to Programming, Data Visualization and Machine Learning using Python”.


Taught Modules (Past):

CHE2021:     Process Measurement, Dynamics & Control                                    

CHE3021:     Process Control 2                                                                                 as Module Lead

NUS8101:      Environmental Impact, Legislation and Engineering in Process Safety

NUS8106:      Hazard Identification and Quantitative Risk Assessment