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A hub of research, collaboration & innovation

Newcastle Research & Innovation Institute (NewRIIS) deliver postgraduate programmes developed, monitored and awarded solely by Newcastle University in UK. NewRIIS is a fully owned subsidiary of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (also known as Newcastle University).

The postgraduate degrees delivered via NewRIIS are research-informed. We aim to match the research interests of candidates, industry and faculty. We provide a unique blend of academic excellence, real world relevance and the global reputation of Newcastle University. “Research & Innovation”, therefore, is the soul of the entity.

NewRIIS has a teaching classroom at Nanyang Polytechnic - Block N. There are computers with the necessary software for students to use their research work. In addition, there is an office administrative room.


NewRIIS delivers a range of events and activities including postgraduate and CPD training programmes, masterclasses and workshops on a variety of subjects. 

NewRIIS also builds on Newcastle University’s established and excellent global research reputation. The University performs high-quality research across a wide range of disciplines and locations. Areas of particular focus for NewRIIS will include: Energy and Sustainability; Smart Grids, Process Safety, Marine Technology; Data Visualisation and others.

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