Newcastle University in Singapore

NewRIIS Organisation Structure

Board of Directors

Anthony Stephen Puckett   

Chia Hock Chye Michael

Claire Brunton

Jill Catherine Golightly

Lau Lu Ching

Nick Collins 

Richard John Davies

Stephanie Glendinning

Thomas Boulton Ward

Stuart John Edwards 









Senior Team

Senior Team 

Professor Stuart Edwards
Interim Chief Executive Officer and Dean

Ms Jo Geary Rathbone
Chief Operating Officer  

Dr Yen Nee Tan 
Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials; Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Dr Chun Yang Yin 
Reader in Adv Materials & Sustainability (Associate Professor) & Director of Internationalisation
Dr Naayagi Ramasamy 
Director of Education, Associate Professor & Senior Tutor
Dr Arun Dev 
Associate Professor and Director of Postgraduate Studies
Dr Ivan CK Tam 
Associate Professor in Marine Engineering Design & Technology; Director of Innovation & Engagement
Dr Kheng-Lim Goh 
Director of Research & Associate Professor/Reader in Mechanics of Composite Materials
Dr Eugene Wong 
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr Pavan Kumar Naraharisetti 
Director of Lifelong Learning & Professional Practice, Degree Programme Director (Industrial Automation & Machine Learning, PG) and Assistant Professor

Organisation Chart