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Immigration Responsibilities

Immigration Responsibilities

As an international student, it's very important that you comply with immigration regulations whilst you are studying in the UK.

Your responsibilities

Your practical responsibilities are to:

  • maintain appropriate immigration permission to remain in the UK for the purposes of study
  • promptly present an up-to-date copy of your passport and visa/biometric ID card when requested by the University
  • not exceed your legal entitlement to work in the UK
  • not engage in any activity that may be a criminal or civil offence in the UK
  • return to your home country if you defer or suspend your studies, withdraw from your course or your course is terminated
  • act within the immigration rules if you change education institution

Your responsibilities regarding the University are to:

  • keep your contact details in the UK up to date via the Student Self Service Portal (S3P)
  • register for your course on time each academic year
  • study while you are in the UK
  • ensure that you have good attendance
  • follow University processes if you decide that you would like to defer or suspend your studies or withdraw from your course
  • seek advice from the University to renew your student visa
  • keep the University updated if you renew your visa or if your visa application is rejected or refused

Both your practical and University responsibilities must be met in order to meet your immigration requirements.

Registration Instructions

Our responsibilities

The University has certain responsibilities and duties which we are required by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to comply with.

We take and keep up-to-date copies of all student passports and visa/biometric ID cards for non EEA nationals.

We report students to the UKVI if you:

  • do not fully complete your registration requirements
  • transfer your programme
  • stop attending your programme without good reason
  • stop attending your programme and do not keep your school/institute informed
  • withdraw from your programme
  • take a leave of absence from your programme
  • if your application to the University is discovered to be materially incorrect
  • if any identity documents that you present to the University are fraudulent or out of date
  • are discovered to be in breach of any other terms of your student visa

We will notify the UKVI of any significant changes in your circumstances, such as the successful completion of your course where this is earlier than expected.

Further information

Further visa information is available on the International website.