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Information for all students

You must have registered to view student timetables, please allow up to 24 hours for timetables to show (First year student timetables for some subject areas may remain incomplete until welcome week). Check your timetable regularly as it can be subject to change up until the start of term.

Newcastle University Students' Union Society and Club Room Bookings

You can now book Barbara Strang Teaching Centre Rooms online alongside rooms in the NUSU Union building and NUSU Central at

If your society is holding an extraordinary event, and you require different spaces to those available to book online, society presidents should contact

You can find everything you need to know about running a society, including how to find suitable spaces for your activities, at

Room bookings for activity relating to students formal and private study

Standard teaching rooms and computer cluster spaces are freely available for private or group study if the room is available and has not been booked for a formal teaching activity - please see the timetable posted outside rooms.

Please ensure you leave rooms in adequate time, so as to not delay the start of the next scheduled activity. Please do not disturb closed teaching sessions in teaching computer clusters when indicated by a red traffice light sign.

Teaching Rooms and Buildings