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NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre

NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) supports stages D2- D3 and T1-T2 along the Translational Research Pathway.

About NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre

The NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) supports Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University researchers carrying out early-stage translational research by providing:

  • advice and expertise from within our Research Themes
  • calls for Early Translational Research projects and studentships
  • network training opportunities (CROP Bursaries/ MRES Intercalation/training sessions for BRC trainees)
  • core infrastructure funding for posts such as technical, nursing and administrative support.


The NIHR Newcastle BRC focusses on early translational and experimental medicine research but researchers should approach the NIHR Newcastle BRC at any stage of their research within D2-T1 of the translational pathway.

We engage with researchers across the pathway though, as one of the key aims of the BRC is to translate advances from research into benefits for patients and the public, the health and care system and for broader economic gain.


Read the NIHR Newcastle BRC webpages or email Martin Dixon, Chief Operating Officer.