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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits


There are fantastic incentives to working with us - just ask the 92% of staff who feel proud to work here.

Career progress and competitive salary

You'll be part of a University internationally recognised for its research and teaching.

Employees of Newcastle University enjoy career progression and development opportunities and competitive pay and benefits.

As an employee, in whatever capacity, you'll contribute to creation and dissemination of knowledge. Application of that knowledge is achieving real benefits for people here and worldwide.

You will be able to take real pride in your employer.

As an employee you'll get a competitive salary and career progression on top of creating and disseminating quality research that impacts on the real world.
Our staff help achieve real benefits globally by creating and disseminating knowledge.

Relocation costs and assistance

Relocation costs and assistance

If you are currently living outside of the region, or outside of the UK, we may offer help with relocation costs.

We provide an international welcome pack (PDF: 978KB) for new recruits from outside the UK. The University is also a member of Euraxess.

Progression & Development

We offer a wide range of career opportunities among our staff of more than 5,000.

Excellent training and development facilities support this.

The European Commission recognised our excellence in career development support for research staff. It awarded the University the HR Excellence in Research badge.

We're committed to advancing the careers of women working in science, engineering and maths.
We're committed to advancing the careers of women working in science and engineering.

Athena Swan

Athena SWAN

The University signed up to the Athena SWAN charter in January 2009.

It recognises commitment to advancement and promotion of the careers of women in: 

  • science
  • engineering
  • technology

The excellence of our work means we were awarded a Silver Award in April 2016. This follows Bronze Awards in 2012 and 2009.

Promotion and progression

Promotion and progression

We operate a performance and development review scheme to support staff in achieving objectives. It helps identify relevant development activities to further enhance their skills.

The size and breadth of our workforce means we have internal opportunities to progress.

For academic, research and teaching staff, there are well-defined career pathways. There is an annual promotions exercise to reward those showing the required achievement.

International career opportunities

International career opportunities

The University is operating in a global marketplace.

In recent years, this has provided opportunities for staff to develop through international secondments.

We currently have University staff working at major operations in Singapore and Malaysia.

Pay & Benefits

We regularly review our pay scales to ensure they are competitive.

Competitive pay

Most of our staff are on incremental pay scales, determined through national pay bargaining.

You can expect to receive an annual increment of up to 3%. You'll also get a national pay award, until you reach the top scale.

Jobs are set to a grade on the basis of evaluation. Our policy on starting salaries recognises relevant qualifications and experience.

NCL Rewards provides staff with 6,500 discounts, including offers for many high street retailers.
NCL Rewards provides staff with 6,500 discounts, including offers for many high street retailers.

Progression and one-off payments

Progression and one-off payments

There is scope for further progression and one-off payments to reward outstanding performance.



We offer excellent, contributory, defined benefit pension schemes.



We offer generous holiday provision of not less than 37 days. This includes public holidays and four fixed days around the Christmas/New Year period.

Sick pay

Sick pay

Full sick pay is available for up to 26 weeks full pay and 26 weeks half pay, depending on service. 

We have an Occupational Health Service to help support return to work.

Discounts and benefits

Discounts and benefits

There are a wide range of discounts and other benefits available to staff. 

This includes salary sacrifice schemes. These offer savings on national insurance contributions and/or tax.

Our staff also have access to a wide range of other University facilities.

Equality & Diversity

We welcome applications from suitable qualified applicants, no matter what their background or status.

As you'd expect from an internationally recognised University, we're committed to equality and diversity.

We closely look at our recruitment processes. It is important to us that candidates complete the monitoring form.

We are also committed to ensuring all our staff and students should enjoy dignity at work and study.

Family friendly

We offer family friendly policies and maternity, and other parental and special leave policies.

Flexi-time working is also available in many areas.

Health, safety and wellbeing

At Newcastle University, we want to promote the health, safety and wellbeing of all our staff.

We try to take a broad view – offering support, advice and help with:

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • stress
  • financial wellbeing
  • dignity issues
  • carers’ needs
  • personal safety

There's expertise available from our Occupational Health Service and Safety Team. We have information about better health at work and being a mindful employer.


The University is a Fairtrade organisation. It provides many of these products in its catering outlets.

The environment

We are also committed to caring for our environment. We promote the practice of sustainability alongside world-class research.