Bioimaging Unit

Schools & Organisations

Facility tours: We regularly host school group tours of the facility where small groups spend a couple of hours with facility staff using various microscopes.  We can also host experience days or short work experience / shadowing projects.


External visits: Members of the facility have visited several local schools as part of STEM week or specific school projects.  We deliver science and microscopy-themed hands-on activities to year groups 3-11.  Our aim is to be as hands-on as possible so we bring with us visual teaching aids and as many microscopes that we can get our hands on!  We also have the ability to live access systems being run at the University.  As part of our STEM 2020 activity we go the children to build their own paper microscope that they could take home.


Other organisations:  we have engaged with local Scout troops and Cub packs where we have brought into their meetings microscopes and have asked them to prepare their own samples for viewing.  During lockdown, we developed microscopy themed activities (build a microscope out of Lego, cling film and water) and delivered them over zoom to the various groups.

School tour