Bioimaging Unit

The Cell Detectives

‌With a passion for science, technology and experimentation, the Cell Detectives were formed in 2018 with a vision to transfer our enthusiasm to the public through the provision of fun activities, workshops, games and the chance to use cutting-edge scientific equipment.

Made up of core scientific facility and research staff working at Newcastle University with backgrounds ranging from advanced light and electron microscopy, flow cytometry through to lab automation, like super-hero scientists with special powers, The Cell Detectives call upon advanced analytical technologies to help them (and the public) examine and understand the microscopic world.  With our activities and chance to use research grade equipment, the public are transported to the crime scene to examine tissues and cells and to question bench researchers and University professors in their fight against disease!

If you want them to visit your school, club organisation or museum please reach out to them through the BioImaging facility.

For more information check their website.