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Dr Anirban Bhattacharyya

Research Associate


Ani received a B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics from the University of London King's College in 1982, and an M.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering from South Bank Polytechnic in 1984. His PhD was in Formal Modelling and Analysis of Dynamic Reconfiguration of Dependable Systems from Newcastle University in 2013, supervised by Professor John Fitzgerald.

For his PhD, Ani extended the process algebra CCS with a special process (termed a fraction process) and overloaded the semantics of the parallel composition operator in order to model the runtime evolution of a system abstractly. Thus, the dynamic reconfiguration of a system that was unforeseen when the system was originally designed can be modelled abstractly. Furthermore, the functional interference between application and reconfiguration tasks that can occur during dynamic reconfiguration is modelled using interleaved transitions.

Prior to his PhD, Ani worked on a variety of R & D projects: at MARI Advanced Microelectronics Ltd (1985 - 1989), he researched into the instrumentation of an object-oriented distributed system, specification of a distributed meta IPSE using Z, enterprise modelling, and a documentation system for IBCN software. At York University (1989 - 1992), he worked on a modelling framework for hard real-time systems. Ani subsequently developed a variety of database applications for accounting, HR and payroll.

Following his PhD, Ani investigated timed models of causality using structured occurrence nets (SONs) as a research associate on the EPSRC-funded UNCOVER project. Currently, he is continuing his research into the dynamic reconfiguration of dependable systems. Ani's research interests include formal modelling and verification of dynamically reconfigurable dependable real-time systems using process algebras, SONs, conditional partial order graphs (CPOGs), model checking, and schedulability analysis.