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Professor Peter Wright

Prof of Social Computing


I am Professor of Social Computing in Open Lab. Open Lab is part of the school of Computing and is Newcastle University’s inter-disciplinary research centre in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I have thirty years of experience as a human-centred design researcher and have over 230 publications in the area.

My research focusses on the human-centred design of socially engaged digital technologies and an important part of our current research funding in Open Lab is Digital Civics, this includes the EPSRC- funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Civics and the Digital Economy Research Centre. Digital Civics addresses the social and political applications of digital technologies in areas which include health, education, participatory democracy, ageing, and social justice.

I am probably best known for my work with John McCarthy on theory and methods for experience-centred design. In 2004, we co-authored Technology as Experience (MIT Press). In 2010 we co-authored, Experience-centred design: Designers, users and communities in dialogue (Morgan Claypool), and in 2015 we co-authored Taking [A]Part: The politics and aesthetics of experience-centred design (MIT Press).

To get an idea of the range of HCI research in Open Lab, take a look at our web site, For specific information about our Digital Civics programme, check out or Digital Civics Web site,